Are members required to provide the margin related information to clients?

Members should send margin related information to their clients on a daily basis, which
shall, inter-alia, include
• Client code and name, Trade day (T)
• Total margin deposit placed by the client upto day T-1 (with break-up in terms of
cash, FDRs, BGs and securities)
• Margin utilized up to the end of day T-1
• Margin deposit placed by the client on day T (with break-up in terms of cash,FDRs,
BGs and securities)
• Margin adjustments for day T
• Margin status (balance with the member / due from the client) at the end of day T
Additionally, every member shall maintain proper records of collateral received from
clients as under:
• Receipt of collateral from client and acknowledgement issued to client on receipt of
• Record of return of collateral to client
• Credit of corporate action benefits to clients
Members should have adequate systems and procedures in place to ensure that client
collateral is not used for any purposes other than meeting the respective client’s margin
requirements / pay-ins. Members should also maintain records to ensure proper audit
trail of use of client collateral.
The indicative format of Daily Margin Statement to be issued to client is as per
Annexure B of the Exchange Circular number NSE/INSP/19583 dated December 14, 2011


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