Who should I approach if I find that I had given all correct details in the ASBA form, but application has been rejected stating wrong data?

You have to approach the concerned SCSB for any complaints regarding your ASBA
applications. SCSB is required to give reply within 15 days. In case, you are not
satisfied, you may write to SEBI thereafter at the following address:
Investor Grievance Cell, Office of Investor Assistance and Education,
Securities and Exchange Board of India
Plot No.C4‐A,’G’ Block, Bandra Kurla Complex,
Mumbai: 400051
Tel: +91‐22‐26449000 / 40459000
Fax: +91‐22‐26449016‐20 / 40459016‐20


For any additional information please call us: 080 – 68 24 84 94

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