What is DIS (Delivery Instruction Slip)?

DIS is required to transfer shares from one demat account to other demat a/c There are 2 types of DIS slip. One is for doing transfer within same Depository. So if your broker has account with NSDL and new broker also have the account in NSDL, you will need this type of slip.

The second type of DIS are known as Inter-Depository Delivery Instructions (IDTs) which will be used if you have to transfer share inter-depository so from NSDL to CDSL or vice versa.

The DIS is sent on clients registered address within 3-4 working days, if opted for the same at the time of account opening.

If client wants new DIS later, client will have to provide a written application to us we can send the new DIS to Your Address, Our Address:

Basan Equity Broking Ltd

3-6-196/197 2nd Floor Prime Plaza,

Above WoodLand Showroom,

Himayathnagar, Hyderabad -500029.


For any Additional Information Please contact us 080 – 68 24 84 94.

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