What details are required to be mentioned on the Contract note issued by the Stock Broker?

A broker has to issue a contract note to clients for all transactions in the form specified by the stock exchange.
The contract note inter-alia should have following:
· Name, address and SEBI Registration number of the Member broker.
Name of partner /proprietor /Authorised Signatory.
Dealing Office Address/Tel No/Fax no, Code number of the member given by the Exchange.
Unique Identification Number
Contract number, date of issue of contract note, settlement number and time period for settlement.
Constituent (Client) name/Code Number.
Order number and order time corresponding to the trades.
Trade number and Trade time.
Quantity and Kind of Security brought/sold by the client.
Brokerage and Purchase /Sale rate are given separately.
Service tax rates and any other charges levied by the broker.
Securities Transaction Tax (STT) as applicable.
Appropriate stamps have to be affixed on the original contract note or it is mentioned that the consolidated
stamp duty is paid.
Signature of the Stock broker/Authorized Signatory.
Contract note provides for the recourse to the system of arbitrators for settlement of disputes arising out of
transactions. Only the broker can issue contract notes.


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