How would you choose stock for your portfolio?

With so many options available, picking the right stock for your portfolio can be a challenge. The basic rule while buying stock is to keep your financial goals in mind. Some may look for growth, while some may look for dividend income. The next logical step is to conduct a stock research. Look at the company’s income statement, cash flow statement, balance sheet, management’s future plans, debt figures, etc. Once you’ve accumulated the facts, analyse the data. If the EPS (earnings per share) is good, it means that the company is making profit on a per-share basis. The market appreciates stocks which show a growth trend of EPS. You can also use a screener to narrow down the list of stocks based on any criteria like industry or sector. Avoid small-cap companies and go in for mid-cap and large-cap ones. You can also conduct a technical analysis using the tools and charts available online. If you still need guidance, approach a stockbroker like Angel Broking who will guide you to pick the best stocks.


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