How much returns can I expect from the market?

Your stock portfolio will always consist of multiple stocks. At any particular time, some stocks will perform excellently well, while some will not. Your portfolio returns will be the average of both.

During a good market, your portfolio can give you a return as high as 30-35% (the benchmark index nifty alone gave a return of over 26% last year (2017)). However, during a bad market- the returns can be as low as 2-5% (maybe even negative).

If you sum up everything, you can expect an annual return of 15-18%, depending on how good you were at picking stocks. Nevertheless, you can generate even better return if you are ready to put some hard work.

Warren Buffett, the greatest investor of all time, has got an annual return of 22.% for a period of last 5 decades. You can treat his returns as a benchmark.


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